Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

I had formulated a lengthy post-mortem to yesterday's election, but better minds than mine will no doubt be beaver busy taking care of that today, so I will be brief in this regard.

First, why did McCain lose?

It is simple. He tried to run as a Republican, and it did not ring true.

McCain's ideology can most accurately described as a Reagan Democrat. He has never had a particularly conservative ideology, or an ideology that can really be nailed down for that matter.

This was an ideological fight, B.Hussein brought a bazooka and McCain brought a rubber knife. It is kind of hard to really take on someone when you probably agree with them at your core. This was the problem that McCain faced.

The Republican Party this year made the mistake of buying into the "conventional wisdom", and it cost them big time.

The conventional wisdom was that Republicans needed to move to the center this year or they wouldn't have any chance.

This is of course absolute horse-pucky. When conservatives run as conservatives they WIN. I don't know how many times this has to be proven before Republicans finally get it, but there it is.

Until September of this year, John McCain was destined to be only the kindly old man that lost to the first black president.

Sarah Palin gave him the ONLY chance that he had, but people vote the top of the ticket, and even she could not pull him over the finish line.

It is time for Republicans to reinvigorate the brand, and fair or not, that means that it is time for people like McCain to go.